Sports Chaplains

Discovery Community Care, partnering with Sports Chaplaincy Australia, provides volunteers to support local sports clubs.  We are currently focusing on Aussie Rules, as there are 150 clubs asking for chaplains.

How do Chaplains help?

Local footy clubs are often the hubs of their communities and are made up of people from all walks of life.  So when many people come together on a regular basis there are inevitably issues of life to deal with.

The primary concern of a Sports Chaplain is to help the club deal with the immediate and long-term wellbeing of players, coaches, administration, support staff and their families.  Our focus is to support the “whole” person.  Our care transcends background, gender, nationality and belief system.

The big advantage of Sports Chaplaincy Australia’s approach is that our chaplains will be present and consistently available to the club community.   They will provide pastoral care in the club’s everyday life, so that when a crisis occurs, the community can turn to a person they already know and trust for support.

All our chaplains are accredited and adhere to a Professional Code of Conduct.

What does a chaplain do?

  • Sports Chaplains are committed to attending a minimum of one training night a week and home games.
  • They provide a neutral, confidential and listening ear to those who wish to share the pressures and concerns faced from footy, family and other circumstances.
  • They offer home and hospital visitation.
  • They provide help during difficult times i.e.
    • loss of a family member,
    • accident or death of a player,
    • relationship breakdown, and
    • assistance for people dealing with drugs, depression and anger etc.
  • They show players, staff and families that ‘the club’ cares for people.

It is important to note that our chaplains are NOT professional counsellors; their primary focus is pastoral care.  They can call on the resources of SCA, their church community and other recognised care providers if required.

What is the training commitment?

Our volunteers are fully trained and supported by Sports Chaplaincy Australia (SCA) with monthly meetings of all volunteers from our region and Personal Development opportunities.    We have more teams than trained chaplains and we are able to place our volunteers immediately, so if you love footy and are interested in volunteering please contact us.

Requirements for interview are

  • letter of introduction from your church,
  • full police check and working with children check is MANDATORY
  • commitment for 3 seasons as it takes time to build genuine relationships.

Our Chaplains are happy to have their personal contact to be given to the club community so that people can choose to contact them.

We hold regular information sessions which you can attend prior to making a commitment to attend the training.  Please email [email protected] to express your interest and we will contact you.

SCA has indicated a need across a variety of sporting disciplines and Discovery Community Care plans to move into a much broader field, including women’s sporting clubs, as volunteers permit.